Rules of Thumb

The police have a name for long, shallow dents between the front and rear wheels of a vehicle: Drunk marks. Such marks are associated with people who cannot judge distances and are unconcerned with the resultant screeching. They spend their time dealing with acts of stupidity.  When the police show up at an accident or a crime they have to judge the credibility of competing  witnesses. It is left as an exercise for the reader to determine who might appear credible. Just remember the police are relieved to come across an honest, sober, and intelligent person.

Do not be confused by words. One who draws a weapon on you is your enemy. He has demonstrated that your physical well being is unimportant to him. It matters not what clothing he wears or why he states he does this. The willingness to harm or kill you is beyond explanation. When someone lies to you, he has demonstrated that he feels you to be manipulable and wishes to bull you rather than persuade you. He also has reduced you, in his mind, to an object. Who ever says he would never lie to you has. Whoever says he would never hurt you has considered it.

If one buys a single lottery ticket, lighting may strike. If one buys many, one approaches the house odds. Here and now, that means losing fifty-seven percent of one’s money.

Taxes do not benefit those who are taxed.

Humor is an IQ test. Every good joke divides the audience into two parts: Those who laugh because it is funny. And those who laugh with everyone else and then try to figure out why. The humorless are failing the IQ test.

In a properly functioning economy wealth accumulates and over time the price of commodities drops. When copper, oil, wheat rise in real terms, that is evidence that the economy is mismanaged or over managed.

Always buy GOOD cinnamon. Else you will be buying mislabeled cassia. Cinnamon is much better.

When driving at night, if you are blinded by oncoming headlights, close one eye. When they are past you will have one eye that is not night-blind. This is a trick night-time sentries used when lighting cigarettes.

Do not credit a likable politician too much. Likability is their basic job requirement. Many politicians who despise you and your beliefs will be jolly and delightful. An Evolutionary process. What is more interesting is an unpleasant politician. That an unpleasant person could get elected flags an interesting election. Perhaps his ideas are enough to overcome such a basic handicap. Perhaps his opponent was a monster. Perhaps the power of incumbency was enough to make him believe he could stop acting.

A statement has meaning only if its opposite could be stated.

A measure of intelligence is the ease with which a thing becomes real.Many people become upset with war when they are there in the gory fullness . Some when they see it on television. A rare few become upset when they deduce what must be happening.

Things advertised as gourmet are not.

A ‘food desert’ is a locality that has made small business unprofitable.

Anyone who can answer six concatenated questions without showing doubt or being stumped is just making up the answers.

If there is a visible antenna on a new car it is probably a government vehicle or someone else with fancy radio

A car with misaligned headlights is probably not a police car.


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