Interesting Folk

Kagehiru    –   yclept Ying Ko        A wise friend

House or Eratosthenes    “The blog no one reads” I found it because I wanted to use the name.

Transterrestrial Musings    Commentary about infinity and beyond.

Henry Dampier  Provocative and rational thinking.

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History   I don’t know what to say about this fellow. First, he does a very good History podcast. Second, he is intelligent. Third he is biased. Mostly in things he won’t say. Pretty much everything he says in his history podcast is accurate. I have thought on Mr. Carlin. He is a bright, rational person with whom I often disagree. The best I can decide is that we differ on the social contract.I view the Constitution a higher law that must be changed by convincing the whole of the people; one may not legitimately change the rules of the game without convincing the other players. If the other players are wrong, it is still their right. Mr. Carlin seems to want to change the things he views as wrong by less democratic methods: Simple votes, courts, and changing language so that  his preferences are within the rules. Still, he has wisdom, and one takes wisdom where it can be found.



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