The Educated Vote

This year like all years, the news media discuss the election in terms of ‘The Educated Voter.’ Credentialed voter is the meaning.

This puts me on a slow burn. Their definition of education is a college degree. Education is much more.

I am intimidated by a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics. I am grateful for those who learn to heal the human body. I am amazed by those Chemical Engineers who make the substance of our society. I am impressed by those who read Thucydides and Xenophon in the original Greek.

I think most people who study economics aspire to illegitimately change society by arranging manipulative incentives against the will of the people. I think ill thoughts of those who achieve degrees in social work. I scoff at those who arrange their lives by ethnic or women’s studies.

I am much more impressed by a welder I know who does advanced work tested by X-rays at the refinery. Universities today offer much more certification than wisdom. And schools have never provided intelligence. It is telling that those who tell us how the ‘smart people’ vote pay no attention to intelligence or accomplishment. Actually, that would be interesting. How self-made millionaires vote.

The Uneducated by the news paradigm:

And the Educated.

We had a woman running for mayor who is a professional psychic. I consider her bumper stickers to be the tattoo of gullibility. She has a college degree.