They Do things Differently in Other Countries – That’s Why We Call Them Foreign


Turkey beach

There is a coup d’etat in Turkey today. Were this The US or France I would be concerned. A man I consider a mentor pointed out to me long ago that this is an expected event in Turkey.  The nation of Turkey was founded when the military overturned a rotten caliphate and established a secular government. The military had long and good reasons to believe that an  Islamic Turkey was a failure. So since Ataturk – The Father of Turkey – whenever the Turkish state gets too religion bound, the troops come out and reëstablish secular rule and go back to their barracks. Wikipedia says, ‘Since the founding of modern Turkey in 1923, the military has staged coups in 1960, 1971 and 1980, and intervened in 1997.’

I think Wikipedia has left a few out. I am a bit ashamed that this did not occur to me as a possibility with all the things Erdogan has been doing. Does anybody wish to make a wager that in seven months we will have forgotten all about it?

Turkey is a foreign place.

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