So what are your thoughts on the Britain exit? ”  – Dan

We gave up our right to tell the British what to do centuries ago, so I will confine myself to the prognosis.

First the EU is explicitly undemocratic. It was meant to be. When the EU or EEC was formed France had been stripped of all legitimacy after its terrible showing in WW II. Germany was worse having caused the war, and then acting in such a barbarous manner. They didn’t trust democracy. Germans LIKE being European rather than German – it hides their sins. So the EU provides a parliament that looks democratic, but is powerless. Their parliament doesn’t write the laws.  Their laws are written by unelected bureaucrats. Actually, it’s worse. People are appointed to the unelected, law writing bureaucracy after losing elections.  Imagine if our dear leader, having left office as a member in good standing of the power establishment, and so were made one of the law-writing elite. [ I conflate the difference between EU laws and directive since there is little difference. Rather like the difference between our laws from congress and the regulations from agencies.]

Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1975 before it tried to be a country. The UK thought it was joining the a common market. Although it should have known better. Those were bad times for the UK. When the EU wanted to become a country, it was rejected by voters in several countries, including France. So they passed nationhood as The Treaty of Lisbon rejecting the voters. Then Spain, Portugal, Greece and southern Italy started collapsing. Then the EU started suggesting that countries pull out of NATO and give their militaries to the EU. Half that is sensible. Oh, and the EU wants to control France’ and the UK’s votes on the UN Security council.

‘But Mister, this isn’t the church I joined!’

Just like a moon orbiting too close to a planet, the EU provided a better unifying theory than the nations themselves. Why should Scotland be loyal to the UK if they could be loyal to the EU instead? Or Catalonia to Spain. Or the Basque regions. Or the Rhineland. Or Alsace and Lorraine. Or Bologna. Or Swedish speaking southern Finland. There is implicit bargaining power here. We are not viable on our own, but we will join whoever offers the best deal, This does not offer stability.

If the EU collapses the force pulling these countries apart vanishes. But the next decade is dangerous. There will be a race. Will the separatist territories such as Catalonia and Scotland be able to join the EU before the EU looks too fragile for such a course?

I think England – not Scotland – sees a greater union with the Anglosphere as a better international club. India, Canada, Australia, and sort of America, are more congenial than The Frogs and the Bosch.

Now other countries want votes on an exit. The contest is whether the unelected bureaucrats will let them leave. They might not let the UK leave after this vote.

On the whole, I am glad I don’t have a say in this mess.


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