We do not live in an especially mundane time and place. Adventures and miracles that happened long ago and far away are as likely to happen here and now. That we are color-blind to adventure and wonder tells us more about ourselves than the nature of our world.

I blame education. Our teachers tried to tell us that all was understood and there were no mysteries. Pfui! Even the recent LIGO results that purported to bolster General Relativity avoided the major questions. Quantum mechanics and Relativity simply do not fit. And avoiding this truth suppresses the mystery.

If you dreamed of pirates, well there are more pirates now than ever in the glory of the Caribbean. And more gallant navies fighting them. And private groups contracted as privateers.

We are ready for a revolution in art. We are in the birth of computer controlled machine tools and nearly magical revolutions in additive machining. We await our Michelangelo.


Are you up for the challenge? And the permanence. If the Venus di Milo is damaged we cry and cherish the remains. A digital file can be reproduced. Forever.

Does anyone doubt that there are revolutions that need to be committed – or completed? Think of the starving, stunted masses in North Korea or South Sudan. [But know what you are doing. Most revolutions are roller coasters to hell. The best are quiet enough that their critics deny them to be revolutions at all. Mike Duncan has a wonderful webcast on the revolutions of the world, but even he neglected the Glorious Revolution. A revolution almost without violence. It surreptitiously deposed all futureĀ  monarchs to a status under parliament without tumbril and guillotine. There are wise books about how to do this. ] After six decades the people of Cuba are still waiting for their presidents to submit to a vote. This is not democracy, nor is it socialism. Monarchy, I can believe. Fidel I even passed his kingdom to Raoul I as a king to his heir. Castro has a duchy not a democracy.

Do you wish to explore? SpaceX and Blue Origin and hundreds of competitors are opening up a frontier. They need help. There is so much wealth two hundred miles up that competence can demand its own price. We are like Prince Henry the Navigator waiting for Columbus. And there are companies looking for help. Only one Earth, indeed!

Are you concerned about man-made CO2? We have two choices: Get rid of most people and go back to an agrarian society via negative population growth – And such societies loved slavery and forbade equal rights. Or devise new energy sources and treat our home, Earth, as a garden. We know fusion power works. The Sun rises. Thorium power can work today. Burning fossil fuels works. But burning all those irreplaceable complex organic molecules for power is like burning a Van Gogh to keep warm.

European and international elites are health, rich and spiritually starved. The established cathedrals are empty but for tourists. The established universities argue discredited economics as though it were real philosophy. In an arc from Libya to Iran, the House of Islam, poor and wealthy, fights insecurity and a fear of inferiority by seeking a conspiracy that has stabbed them in the back. Else the have done this to themselves. Their feelings of inferiority turn to rage when tiny, poor Israel thrives on wasteland and cannot be eliminated after decades. The world is ready for a new spiritual reformation.

Revolutions await. Scientific, cultural, artistic, and more. One thing history teaches is that if revolutions are put off until any fool can spark them, they will likely be sparked and directed by fools. The new worlds come without our permission.

Care to participate?






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