The Little Big Horn




Dad and his siblings grew up a couple of miles from the Custer Battlefield in a place called Hardin in Montana. It was a large family. My oldest uncle as an adolescent was one of the people hired to tear down the old Fort Custer when it was terribly decayed. Dad’s best friends were Absaroka.

This is not important, except…. My entire aware life I have heard the national media refer to ‘The Little Big Horn.’

Little Horn River

My generation and younger often call the Greasy Grass River that just from the power of television and movies. I don’t think the locals ever referred to it as such before the movie ‘Little Big Man.’ Heck, We even have Little Big Man Pizza.

The natives from before my time always call it the Little Horn River. As opposed to the Big Horn River a short way away.

[ If you wish to know how Custer could have missed an encampment on the plains of eastern Montana just look at the picture at the top of this page. ]

So Hollywood it seems has renamed a geographic feature without many people noticing. If you haven’t been there you would never notice. Does anyone else have such an example?

Oh, Here is a small reference to how my aunt and uncles referred to the place.

LH Bank


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