The State of the Union


Alice--Throught the Looking Glass

I’ve been angry this week.

Under our dear leader’s policies a coal-fired power plant was just destroyed. A working power plant that would cost maybe $2e8 or $4e8 to replace. There were mass bombing raids in the Second World War that were less destructive.

Don ‘t mistake me – I think coal is the wrong fuel to use. Coal, however is the thing we have and that works. We must wait until the future for the power sources of the future. And those demanding such futuristic power sources actually impede them. Progressive, my pretty floral bonnet.

One of the first acts of this administration was to spend $3e9 to destroy working automobiles that our dear leader simply didn’t like.

To paraphrase Korzybski, there are a few things a society must do to be a civilization.

It must conserve wealth and create new wealth.
It must conserve and develop knowledge.
It must promote wisdom.
It must promote marriage and especially children.
It must provide for the peaceful and just resolution of conflicts.
It must defend its members.

That’s it.

We haven’t been producing wealth acceptably for a decade and a half. Worse, we are destroying wealth. Intentionally. Claiming it is a good thing. Energy is the basic form of wealth. In a sane society we would be developing thorium power, fusion, and more efficient solar. Have you seen better and cheaper solar cells? We still have the best power grid money could buy in 1955.

Knowledge. Well, Chemistry is doing well. And computer design is a revelation.

We are teaching our young women that all men are rapists. Some of our schools teach that the sort of intercourse that produces children is, by definition, rape. Some teach that pregnancy is rape and enslavement. One would hope that I were exaggerating. Or lying. One would hope. I would link to some of the crazier sites, but I dislike spreading neuroses.

We are teaching our young men that they are by virtue of their sex, domineering, boorish, and evil. That if they take up with women they will be considered buffoons. That any sex lays them open to criminal charges and forfeiture of all future wealth. Women wonder why men aren’t interested in earning or marriage. It is a rational response to a neurotic society.

I paint a sorrowful picture. I am sorry. But the picture is not that bad. We have no structural problems. We have wealth and knowledge. We have smart educated people. We have cultural neuroses. Sanity will reassert itself. No choice. This cannot go on.

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