Can We Do It Differently This Time?


How long is America going to pretend, that the world is not at war? From Berlin, Rome and Tokyo, were have been described as a nation of weaklings and playboys who hire British or Russian, or Chinese soldiers, to do our fighting for us. We’ve been trained to think we’re invincible, and our people think Hitler and his Nazi thugs are Europe’s problem. We have to do more. Does anyone think that victory is possible without facing danger? At times like these we all need to be reminded who we truly are. That we will not give up. That we will not give in.  – Fake Franklin Roosevelt in ‘Pearl Harbor’ 2001

Like the Yamamoto quote, that should have been said.

When did World War III start?

I sometimes read old books. I noticed that many writers saw World War II coming years before it happened. Years before anyone in the British government really saw it coming. Well, Churchill saw the shape of things to come. People who see the future are required to give warning.

Even World War I was predicted. Saki predicted the war in which he would die in 1910 in his book “When William Came.” The “Riddle of the Sands” was credited with changing British defence plans.

Also, most wars are accidents. Your enemy doesn’t want war. He wants your house, spouse, possessions, and death without exertion. Britain only was pulled into World I because Germany decided to attack France through Belgium. And only Britain could bottle up the German High Seas Fleet. Japan thought Pearl Harbor would keep America out if their interests in the Western Pacific.

Picture the globe. Russia is still in the process of taking the Russian speaking regions of the Ukraine and digesting Georgia. Poland and the Baltic states are experiencing a build up of NATO aircraft. Boko Haram is still smearing blood across Africa. Syria and Iraq…. Millions of military age men are fleeing into Europe. Merkel’s actions may make the German government unstable. War in Yemen. The Saudi government must change its rules of succession or go through increasingly rapid changes of government. China has been building an excellent Navy but is about to go through a rapid drop in military age men. There is an expiration date on its military. The United States after seventy years of being the World’s policeman has spent a decade appearing week and foolish.

In half a dozen places miscalculation could precipitate war. And if war breaks out in one place, another player may decide to take a chance when the world’s attention is elsewhere.

In short, I am having flashbacks to the 1930’s. Ukraine looks like the Sudetenland.
Are we in World War III? When did it start?

There is a corollary: If we go to war with the military we have, should we be preparing before the fuse lights the blasting cap? Poland and France I am talking to you.

I really hope I am being a fool.



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