My Snobbery

Presumably, it is apparent that I live in the American West.

The other day I was in a store and a fellow came in with a gun on his hip. I suddenly found myself reacting strongly in a cold rage. Not because he had a pistol, but what kind of idiot buys a Zinc pistol?  A zinc pistol in .25 ACP? And carries it in a cowboy style rig? Perhaps, his whimsy eludes me.

I am not a firearms maven, but I know enough to recognize such stupidity. All the legal liability in a gun best described as ‘Don’t shoot anybody, they might notice.’ He bought a gun that corrodes sitting on a shelf. And he put this tiny gun in a quick draw hip holster. It would be like an NBA player driving an MG Midget. And 25 ACP is a combination of the least powerful cartridge made in the most expensive manner.

I had not recognized this snobbery in myself. The last time this happened I was in Boston and decided to walk up the Charles River. It dawned on me that I would see no river banks because they didn’t exist. Concrete or brick. At least that is how I remember it. I hope some one has reclaimed the river.

I am not a cowboy. I have never been mistaken for one. But I know my culture and have relatives who are. There are urban people who move out here and try to fit a culture that is not what the television has taught them. Many buy expensive boots and try to tuck jeans in to them. Then they complain that the jeans are cut wrong. And the temerity of calling the jeans ‘boot-cut’ angers them. Practical people don’t tuck the jeans into their boots out here. The jeans go over the boots. Otherwise one’s boots become buckets to collect sharp grass seeds or water. Perhaps that is how it is done in places where rich folk ride over groomed meadows. Some new folks have taken to wearing spurs in their cars. This is like wearing a hard hat to the movies. Worse, a couple of newbies I know wore their spurs upside down so they curve into the ground – or away from the horse when in the saddle – and constantly grind away on the sidewalk and cut the carpet. On quick fellow took off the rowels. Cleverness in pursuit of foolishness.

I will come to terms with this snobbery. I just hadn’t realized its depth.


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