Worshipers of Bast


There are folks I know who say it is immoral to eat anything with a face. We should outlaw meat production as inefficient and so immoral. To a person, they have cats and feed them meat.

I have been caught in the blast radius as they have lectured about how declawing cats is evil because ‘then the cats have no defenses.’ The great majority of these cat owners simultaneously believe that humans should be denied guns or even knives.

I have been lectured that evolution has cloven the link between hunting and eating. Even the fattest tabby cat must sometimes hunt. Preventing such inborn behaviors is futile and cruel. Its behavior is driven by biology. These people tell me that gender based behaviors in humans are a social construct. We must not let boys behave in stereotypical behavior and program them to a superior mode of behavior. If we dope a third of the boys for ADHD, that is for a greater good.

In the love of animals there is a certain despite for our own species. I don’t get it. There are many people who love their animals more than the person they chose to marry. It can’t all be toxoplasmosis.


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