Trigger Warning!

A phrase posted at the beginning of various posts, articles, or blogs. Its purpose is to warn weak minded people who are easily offended that they might find what is being posted offensive in some way due to its content, causing them to overreact.

This log is part of the Free Speech Zone:

world relief map

You will be treated here as an adult human, capable of thought, and possessing a brain, claws, genitals, and spirit. If a discussion of that which authors and commentators believe to be true offends you, go somewhere else. Perhaps another universe where things are more emotionally simple. More like a stuffed teddy bear.

If  you prefer a world where all the claws and genitals have been removed,where all have been lobotomized or medicated into blandness, where even fingers have been removed lest they claw or gesture, in short a world for toddlers, I give you

The Tigger Warning.

Tigger Warning

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