Conspiracy And War


Wars are not rational. Conspiracy theories often drive wars more than economic necessities. The false ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and blood libel are still causing the Jews more trouble than anything they actually did. Hitler wouldn’t have come to power without several conspiracy theories. The German collapse in the First World War was so sudden that many Germans thought they were winning when the end came. Many thought they had been ‘stabbed in the back’ by …. Well you name it.

I have a fear.

First, The United States is almost evenly divided.  But the leftists are shockingly concentrated. There are more votes in six or so inner cities than in many states. These concentrations are poor, crowded, and largely uneducated. In many of these areas, the Democrat Party assures us, there is a dearth of healthy food.

Second, we are long overdo for an epidemic. We haven’t hat a really serious one since the Spanish Flu toward the end of the First World War. Cholera and typhoid are quaint notions that mean nothing to us. We held such epidemics off with immunization, public education, nutrition, and unity of purpose. These institutions are crumbling. In the past year we have had an Ebola scare and a flu for which we made the wrong vaccine. Polio is making a comeback in some countries after almost being eliminated from our planet. After two decades of protesting immunization, measles is returning. Need I characterize the political leanings of the groups who fear immunization? Homoeopathy and evidence-free medical practices are on the rise.  Uncontrolled immigration from impoverished countries where many unfamiliar diseases a common is rampant.

There is no need for an enemy to start an epidemic. Just wait.

That is not my fear.

I fear that diseases most rapidly and effectively  ravage areas that are crowded, poor, malnourished, with poor medical practices. In short, the largely Democrat inner cities.

If you want to see the birth of a conspiracy theory, wait for an epidemic that changes the political make-up of the nation. Especially one that targets poor minorities. This could provoke a civil war.

In conspiracies, innocence is no defence.


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