I hate my oven!

My oven is ten years old.

Just before Christmas 2012 the heating element burned up. No problem. That’s a good time for the heating element to last.

When the element was replaced we found a flaw in the design. The GE made element was about 5 mm too long. There is no insulation between the heating element and the back cover. When the slightly longer heating element was installed as per directions, touched the back cover.

When the power was turned on there was a spark and the master electrical board in the range died. One could see a board mounted resistor had blown. I bought a new board and installed it. GE Part Number WB27T10468 CONTROL OVEN TO-9
I also put electrical tape over the back of the heating element terminals where they passed too near the back cover and pulled out the back cover 5mm to relieve the situation. It worked fine. The bezel on the controls worked fine but was a touch ugly.

Today December 23, 2014 I had to clean the oven of some overflowed muffin stuff. I bumped the heating element. There was a spark…. All over again. The design is flawed. Apparently the electrical tape lasts two years. The electrical board is not isolated at all.

My brother has the same range in stainless steel and hates it. I pooh-poohed him. I’ve come around.

I’m not buying a GE range again.

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