Leonardo’s Cheat Sheet Project

Vitruvian man on old paper background

Da Vinci and Francis bacon were called Renaissance Men because they were reputed to know all there was to be known. What an aspiration! Of course it was never true. And it’s getting harder by the day. I can’t even know all the subjects there are.

When I was in high school there was a man named David Hindman in Texas who proposed a solution. We were in the same club so I became aware of him. Mr. Hindman started the Leonardo’s Cheat Sheet Project. Members of the project would write cheat sheets in précis form about subjects the members thought valuable. Mr. Hindman would edit it and publish. There was eventually to be a book. One edition was about the situation and culture in Iran. This was just before or contemporaneous with the Islamic Revolution. I remember it to this day.

I remember someone comparing parts per million, billion, and trillion with rough dates of when such analyses were available. There was a logarithmic chart showing several compounds and the relative concentrations at which they were vital nutrients and those at which the same compounds were poisons.

Alas with school and moving I lost track. An internet search shows me nothing. The only evidence I have are some mimeographed pages somewhere.

I still think it a good idea. If anyone is interested please comment. I would be pleased to make a new page on this site. For any cheat sheet Diderots. Or if someone else likes the idea, please steal it. I would be happy to provide a link.

Any takers?


One comment on “Leonardo’s Cheat Sheet Project

  1. I think the cheatsheet did materialize: it is the Internet.

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