Columbus Day

santa maria

The discovery of the new tomb in Amphipolis captivates the world. The Jewish discovery of monotheism changed everything. I discover I like artichokes. Leibniz and Newton independently discovered the calculus. This actress is the latest discovery of the great director. Uncontroversial statements all.

But in regard to Christopher Columbus we suddenly have an absolutist definition of discovery that precludes its use…ever. Bah! I wag my finger at them.

The progressive ideal is to excoriate Columbus day. It is beside the point. Columbus denied he discovered anything. He was hired to find an alternate route to east Asia. If he ever admitted he had discovered anything new his titles and pay would have been forfeit.

But that has nothing to do with why Columbus is important. The Vikings were before Columbus. But nothing changed when the Vikings arrived. Nothing changed when the cold decades ended the Viking colonies. Columbus changed everything. All Europe found there was a place to go. The introduction of domesticated animals alone would have changed America forever. The new crops changed The whole world forever. Potatoes, tomatoes, maize, chocolate. Population moved people and cultures. Diseases too. It didn’t matter if Columbus was first. He was the one who mattered. The modern world was born.

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