Columbus Day

santa maria

The discovery of the new tomb in Amphipolis captivates the world. The Jewish discovery of monotheism changed everything. I discover I like artichokes. Leibniz and Newton independently discovered the calculus. This actress is the latest discovery of the great director. Uncontroversial statements all.

But in regard to Christopher Columbus we suddenly have an absolutist definition of discovery that precludes its use…ever. Bah! I wag my finger at them.

The progressive ideal is to excoriate Columbus day. It is beside the point. Columbus denied he discovered anything. He was hired to find an alternate route to east Asia. If he ever admitted he had discovered anything new his titles and pay would have been forfeit.

But that has nothing to do with why Columbus is important. The Vikings were before Columbus. But nothing changed when the Vikings arrived. Nothing changed when the cold decades ended the Viking colonies. Columbus changed everything. All Europe found there was a place to go. The introduction of domesticated animals alone would have changed America forever. The new crops changed The whole world forever. Potatoes, tomatoes, maize, chocolate. Population moved people and cultures. Diseases too. It didn’t matter if Columbus was first. He was the one who mattered. The modern world was born.


Coleman Young and good Queen Liz

Coleman YoungQueen-Elizabeth-II

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I submit for your consideration Coleman Young. The profane, corrupt, and racist mayor of Detroit did not start his city’s troubles, but he did no good. The final collapse of Detroit was several years later. Nonetheless, when he ran the city for two decades, the kindest description was death-spiral. It took more than one man to destroy Detroit, but his is the name which history will use.

Britain, good queen, is in a worse situation. The Empire was changed to the Commonwealth half a decade before your coronation. But for sixty-two years you have presided over a calamitous decline. Britain has gone from a world power to a regional one. And still faces the loss of Scotland. The vote is over, but the fissures remain. From a world leader in aircraft manufacture to a member of Airbus. From building its own nuclear weapons and missiles to buying the from the United States when the USA remembers the past. And the UK is between aircraft carriers. Not, perhaps, a bad thing, but a provocative weakness.

You, Queen, have presided over this disaster. In no way are you responsible, but the British have always dated their eras by monarchs. This will be the Elizabethan Collapse.

As I considered this, I realized that while Britain is in a bad state, you are not. The things that stitch peoples together partake of the nature of spirit, prestige, and image. Only Marxists think that the most important thing in life is economics. Your actions, Not Holyrood’s, not Westminster’s , can bind the UK together again. You, in fact, can bind together the entire Anglo-sphere in your person. You have traditionally followed the rule of parliament, but you can act alone by personal gift and recognition. In fact you can act in a domain much larger than the United Kingdom. And should.

The British monarchy is the only monarchy to survive the Twentieth Century intact. For a third of the globe ‘The Queen’ means you. Even in places where you are not queen by law, the people recognize you. Places such as India, Hong Kong, and the United States. You could show some unity between Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland when the politicians are slow. You could do much good today in Hong Kong by throwing support behind some anglophone protesters who are standing for British rights and mores.

One of the brightest Englishmen of the Twentieth Century was Freeman Dyson who came to America to straighten out Quantum Electrodynamics. He took American citizenship only when your government would not give his children passports. A dangerous thing shortly after the Second World War. The children – Esther Dyson and George Dyson – are world-renowned, influential and brilliant. And only American by a blunder of your government.

Elon Musk is the child of two of your subjects. He came to America to build the future and is doing large wonders.

I know not enough of India to comment.

Of course it is a scandal that Roger Penrose is obscure.

These people if recognized would benefit from such recognition and throw authority and status to yourself. It would bind together the lands that believe in English rights and British views of progress and industry much better than old actors and musicians.

Who would pay the least attention to the Swedish Crown  if not for the Nobel prizes. Conversely, the Nobel Peace prizes are so silly that nobody listens to the Norwegian parliament. There is danger in auctoritas games.

Why am I, a republican and a descendant of traitors to the crown, suggesting this to you? We live in an age of division. There are few enough forces for unity. American federalism lies fallow. Leftist international elitism is totalitarian. Fundamentalist Islam is evil and deceitful. The offspring of the British Empire have been good neighbors.

Perhaps I have simply been arrested by the fissures in what was once the most successful civilization in the last millennium, Queen. In any case this is not really my business.



Perhaps I shouldn’t have written this. This has taken me two weeks to write down after I had it composed in my head. I seem to have been struggling with my subconscious. I had to put it down to exorcise myself of it.