My Problems


I have problems with Islam.

I cannot accept a world view which defines women as half the value of men.

I cannot accept an ideology as an ideology if it has a concept – taqiyya – to lie to outsiders about anything for political advantage. A propaganda, yes; an ideology,no. I once heard an Ayatollah claim that word “Infidel” doesn’t occur in the Koran. OK. but the arabic word “Kafir” sure as shooting does. Open inquiry my pretty floral bonnet!

I cannot accept a religion which says Christians must submit to humiliation – dhimmi – , convert, or die. And all others must convert or die. [Jews used to be allowed the Christian option as “people of the book.” Doesn’t seem to happen any more.]

I cannot accept an outlook where the supposed intellectuals – they who have a book – seek to destroy history from before their prophet. The Tomb of Jonah, the Monumental Buddhas.

I cannot accept a law code that sentences all women up to the age of 54 to clitorectomy. [Why, for God’s sake 54?] Just last month ISIS did this.

I cannot accept supposed learned men who call Alexandria by the name of “the Iskandria” because they think the “Al” part was an article.

I cannot accept a society so closed that it sentences writers to death for referring to well known legends in the presence of foreigners.

I cannot accept as the infallible “Word of God” literature dictated by a fallible angel, to a fallible illiterate man [See the Satanic Verses] who had no secretary but declaimed the verses to a crowd which did not write them down. The verses of which were not written down until after a battle where many of the witnesses were killed. And where they were put down in no rational order, but rather in the order of longest to shortest chapters. And where all copies of this book were recalled once or twice to be re-edited and re-released. Where the outlawing of translation condemns the mass of followers to not read their putative beliefs.

My fantasy is that we oppose ISIS and other crazies by releasing free vernacular copies of the Koran arranged in chronological order on some sort of kindle device. This might cause a small renaissance. It might cause people to analyze their own world view. It might allow other books to be on the device under the acceptability of scripture. At the very least, it would allow a much kinder interpretation of other religions to those readers who only get through the first half.


One comment on “My Problems

  1. Dan says:

    An information war, the best kind.

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