I Am So Old….

A game for the day.

I am so old I can remember when…

We thought computers were fast.

Talking on the cell phone was impressive, not annoying.

Senator Obama said the president was un-American for having an $8e9 national debt.

David Letterman was funny.

Artists suggested assassinating the president and didn’t get audited.

A certain TI calculator wasn’t required for math class.

Tobacco was accepted and cannabis was considered bad.

The joke was ‘Don’t tell the government what number comes after a BILLION.’

The science programs were scaring us about global cooling.

The Democrats were pro-Israel.

The state of war was temporary.

When silver was $1 per ounce.

Pluto was a planet.

Domestic spying was illegal.

Admiral Clapper testified under oath to Congress that they weren’t collecting data on millions of Americans.

NASA could send a man into orbit, or further.

There were supersonic airliners.

The fastest plane in the world hadn’t been grounded.

Any you wish to add?

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