More Words I Don’t Use

Rick reminds me of some more words I don’t use.


I once sent a hyperlink to an intelligent man who taught in a public school. It was a study about how much education money was being captured by politics and just how little made it to the students and teachers. In response he wrote, ‘BE RESPONSIBLE!’  Nothing else.

In this case it meant be quiet; I do not approve of you. And that is the meaning  now ascribed to ‘responsibility.’

But responsibility has such a simple obvious meaning that I was not taught in school. [Autodidacts have real advantages at times.] ‘Responsible’ should always be followed by the word ‘to.’ Responsible just means that one must respond to someone. Good government is Responsible to the people. That’s what elections and ‘right to petition for redress of grievances’ is all about. Citizens don’t have to be responsible about speech. It is free. Officials are responsible to their constituents. At least that’s how the system was designed.

I revel in my irresponsibility. I am responsible to magistrates doing their duty, my lovely wife, Terry, and – that’s it. Those who tell you to act responsibly are ignorant of the word or trying to manipulate you. Trust me, if you are responsible to someone you will know it. If I try to walk on air, Laws of Nature will hold me responsible. Someone on the sidelines to berate me will neither add to nor subtract from Nature’s retribution. People trying to tell me I may not exercise my rights because I am somehow responsible to their nebulous conception of ‘My’ obligations are just impotent aspirants to behavior modification.

_                                   _                                     _

There is a class of definitions on the order of  ‘Have you stopped killing puppies?’

If a firearm is inexpensive and available to the poor, aspiring manipulators call it a ‘Saturday Night Special.’ They count on the embarrassment of poverty to supply stigma.

If a firearm is well-made and accurate they call it a ‘sniper rifle.’

In no case should anyone be allowed to own a weapon that is not both expensive and inaccurate. Or a weapon.

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