How the world works?



Amanda and Johnathan,

In listening to the financial prediction I have come to realize – once again – that I am out of the mainstream. People are puzzled that the stock market shows rising prices while the economy declines.

This seems obvious to me. Were the market denominated in Dimes, it would be ten times higher. As the value of the Dollar falls closer to that of the Dime the prices rise to show the same value. Or, just because the Dollar declines in value doesn’t mean the worth of Texas Instruments falls.

I am quite worried about our currency. About 200 BC the denarius was introduced as a silver coin about the size of a nickel. By Augustus it was just larger than a dime. About 400 AD it was almost worthless. The silver had been taken out and it was a copper coin.  [ ‘Penny’ is ‘denarius’ after filtering through the Anglo-Saxons. L/s/d was Pound/ Shilling/Penny from the Latin Libra/Solidus/Denarius.] It took the Romans six centuries to reduce their money to valueless. By Diocletian the Romans wouldn’t accept their own currency to pay taxes. Historians describe this inflation all the time. I got the impression it was rapid when I was in school.


Denarius Augustus

When my father was born gold coins were in circulatign at $20/ounce. It had been that way since Thomas Jefferson set up the US coinage. [Remember where the Constitution set up jury trials for affairs over $20 dollars? That was an ounce of gold. $1326 today.]

When I was born there were silver Dollars of one ounce. Actually dollars predate the USA. The Dollar originated about 1520 AD.

It took the United States forty years to go from gold currency to money backed by only the value of the copper in pennies. And ten more years for that to vanish. The Dollar is currently held up by the cupronickel alloy in the Nickel. 75%Cu 25% Ni is a low-grade Monel alloy, but it is a valuable alloy. I know of no market for the 91.666%Cu 8.333%Ni in the Quarter or Dime. Oh, It is also held up by the Full Faith and Credit of John Boehner, Harry Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Could Bitcoin be taken seriously were the Dollar healthy? For two centuries the dollar was stable. Now we can’t go two decades without devaluing the currency. And the last two times nobody noticed. I remember Roger Bradley showing me the pennies were copper plated zinc. I still don’t know exactly when that happened. Last Autumn I noticed that Quarters and Dimes had two-thirds of their nickel removed. Fourteen years after it happened!  The State Quarters disguised the change. We were given pretty, shiny thing to look at while the value declined.

At two decades of age, Johnathan and Amanda, this seems almost glacial. But think how fast that is in history. The British Empire vanished in forty years after lastig two hundred. I had a History Professor, Dr. Najaria Esty who didn’t bother us to memorize exact dates. She thought it was better if we got a feel for the flow of history. She demanded that we know when things happened to the nearest half century. In this way the devaluation of our currency is the blink of an eye. In half a century you will be at retirement age. What will we use for money?


“A hundred dollars put into a savings account at 6% for 200 years will be worth two million, which, by then, will be worthless.”




Hymn To Priapus


These days love is segregated. Romance and spiritual love are ascribed to women. Purience and a randy sexuality are ascribed to men.

This Poem by D. H. Lawrence evinces an example of romance  and love from a male perspective.

Hymn To Priapus

MY love lies underground
With her face upturned to mine,
And her mouth unclosed in a last long kiss
That ended her life and mine.

I dance at the Christmas party
Under the mistletoe
Along with a ripe, slack country lass
Jostling to and fro.

The big, soft country lass,
Like a loose sheaf of wheat
Slipped through my arms on the threshing floor
At my feet.

The warm, soft country lass,
Sweet as an armful of wheat
At threshing-time broken, was broken
For me, and ah, it was sweet!

Now I am going home
Fulfilled and alone,
I see the great Orion standing
Looking down.

He’s the star of my first beloved
The witness of all that bitter-sweet

Now he sees this as well,
This last commission.
Nor do I get any look
Of admonition.

He can add the reckoning up
I suppose, between now and then,
Having walked himself in the thorny, difficult
Ways of men.

He has done as I have done
No doubt:
Remembered and forgotten
Turn and about.

My love lies underground
With her face upturned to mine,
And her mouth unclosed in the last long kiss
That ended her life and mine.

She fares in the stark immortal
Fields of death;
I in these goodly, frozen
Fields beneath.

Something in me remembers
And will not forget.
The stream of my life in the darkness
Deathward set!

And something in me has forgotten,
Has ceased to care.
Desire comes up, and contentment
Is debonair.

I, who am worn and careful,
How much do I care?
How is it I grin then, and chuckle
Over despair?

Grief, grief, I suppose and sufficient
Grief makes us free
To be faithless and faithful together
As we have to be.

D. H. Lawrence

I Am So Old….

A game for the day.

I am so old I can remember when…

We thought computers were fast.

Talking on the cell phone was impressive, not annoying.

Senator Obama said the president was un-American for having an $8e9 national debt.

David Letterman was funny.

Artists suggested assassinating the president and didn’t get audited.

A certain TI calculator wasn’t required for math class.

Tobacco was accepted and cannabis was considered bad.

The joke was ‘Don’t tell the government what number comes after a BILLION.’

The science programs were scaring us about global cooling.

The Democrats were pro-Israel.

The state of war was temporary.

When silver was $1 per ounce.

Pluto was a planet.

Domestic spying was illegal.

Admiral Clapper testified under oath to Congress that they weren’t collecting data on millions of Americans.

NASA could send a man into orbit, or further.

There were supersonic airliners.

The fastest plane in the world hadn’t been grounded.

Any you wish to add?

More Words I Don’t Use

Rick reminds me of some more words I don’t use.


I once sent a hyperlink to an intelligent man who taught in a public school. It was a study about how much education money was being captured by politics and just how little made it to the students and teachers. In response he wrote, ‘BE RESPONSIBLE!’  Nothing else.

In this case it meant be quiet; I do not approve of you. And that is the meaning  now ascribed to ‘responsibility.’

But responsibility has such a simple obvious meaning that I was not taught in school. [Autodidacts have real advantages at times.] ‘Responsible’ should always be followed by the word ‘to.’ Responsible just means that one must respond to someone. Good government is Responsible to the people. That’s what elections and ‘right to petition for redress of grievances’ is all about. Citizens don’t have to be responsible about speech. It is free. Officials are responsible to their constituents. At least that’s how the system was designed.

I revel in my irresponsibility. I am responsible to magistrates doing their duty, my lovely wife, Terry, and – that’s it. Those who tell you to act responsibly are ignorant of the word or trying to manipulate you. Trust me, if you are responsible to someone you will know it. If I try to walk on air, Laws of Nature will hold me responsible. Someone on the sidelines to berate me will neither add to nor subtract from Nature’s retribution. People trying to tell me I may not exercise my rights because I am somehow responsible to their nebulous conception of ‘My’ obligations are just impotent aspirants to behavior modification.

_                                   _                                     _

There is a class of definitions on the order of  ‘Have you stopped killing puppies?’

If a firearm is inexpensive and available to the poor, aspiring manipulators call it a ‘Saturday Night Special.’ They count on the embarrassment of poverty to supply stigma.

If a firearm is well-made and accurate they call it a ‘sniper rifle.’

In no case should anyone be allowed to own a weapon that is not both expensive and inaccurate. Or a weapon.