Words I don’t Use


Perhaps I talk of words too much. But I really speak of thoughts. Some words don’t convey information. They conceal it.

A Loophole is any law you don’t like. It is bad because you don’t like it. One famous ‘loophole’ was that married people paid more in taxes than single people. Some people took a vacation to a nice country without residency requirements and got a divorce. The divorce paid for a vacation. Then they came home and had enough tax savings to have a vacation every year. Any evil here is in the manipulative law. Which they followed. I remember one couple who married and divorced several times to draw attention to this travesty.

A Sin Tax is a way to make something unpopular and thus susceptible to attack. Putting a sin tax on one liter drinks obscures the ridiculous and arbitrary degree of social control. Oddly, sin taxes are largely pushed by those who don’t believe in sin or God. I am fairly certain that tobacco is not mentioned in the Torah, The Bible, or the Diamond Sutra.

Reform is a favorite. Reform of course just means to remake or reshape. But the News People insist that reform is always an improvement. Bah!! I shake my finger at them.

Capitalism is an example of just renaming something to a name that can be attacked. Capitalism? A belief in money? Idolatry? Capitalism s just a sneaky way of saying free markets. Free markets make sense. Most people don’t know what to make of Capitalism.

Political Correctness. A lovely propaganda coup. PC is not political. Political things are subject to discourse and argument. PC things are those about which one must not argue upon pain of secular excommunication. When we say PC we are also tacitly accepting that it is correct. We accept exactly that which is in doubt. And PC always comes from the left.
I prefer the term PL – Pushy Leftism.

Have any examples you wish to share?


One comment on “Words I don’t Use

  1. Dan says:

    Your comment about PC always coming from the Left got my attention. Not because you were wrong, but because it had me searching for the equivalent tactic that the Right uses. PC is what the Left uses when they don’t want be accused of suppressing speech or ideas, but what does the Right use?

    Still thinking on this.

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