Can You Identify This Gorgeous Picture?


I stumbled upon this picture. So detailed, yet incomprehensible.

This is a balloon popping at 1e5 feet. It was taking data about that solar storm on Jan 9, 2014.

At launch:

balloon launch

Earth to Sky Calculus

A group of middle and high school science enthusiasts from Bishop, CA–launching balloons into the stratosphere to prepare for a satellite launch in 2014.
In winter 2011, Earth to Sky Calculus was just a name, a simple idea. Today, Earth to Sky has meaning, history, perhaps even a touch of fame. Really though, it’s just a group of geeky high school kids along with their crazy teacher reaching for the stars, or the edge of the stratosphere rather.
They used a Hero3+ camera  I am impressed

One comment on “Can You Identify This Gorgeous Picture?

  1. Dan Granot says:

    Recognizing the straps was easy, but I could not identify what the balloon was. The remnants reminded me of a jellyfish, but I knew that wasn’t the case.

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