Nominal Music

Recently weather fell like a hammer. The temperature dropped forty degrees while the rain turned into snow.

There was an attractive young Absaroka woman of my acquaintance driving quite recklessly. Most people were panicked and driving quite stodgily. Seeing this young lady laughing and smiling while navigating the glaze ice roads was a thing of beauty. One lovely thing about my home is the names. Hers was so consonant with her personality that I had to smile. Her surname : Notafraid.

lady parading crow style - Allen KnowsHisGun


We also have families named Smartenemy and Knows His Gun. A large family is named Pretty On Top. It seems silly until one realizes that ‘On Top’ meant while on horseback or riding. It more closely translates to Gallant Knight. Most of the names in my family are less evocative and more obscure. I sometimes have a tinge of envy.

The Spanish names are often musical if you pronounce them correctly. But few do. I really wish we put more music in our language.

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