Masque of Phobos


After arguing with a friend, I realized a language problem.

We have words for “fer-it” and “agin-it” but not for “don’t care.”
Agoraphobia and agoraphilia are rare compared to those who show no symptoms. Claustrophobia and claustrophilia. This warps our thinking. We are manipulated into ascribing more importance to either end of a spectrum than to the massive middle.

I cannot find a good word in Greek, but there is an excellent candidate in Latin. There is a word that denotes “uninterested” or “unaffected“. It has the connotation of “whole” and “healthy.”

I am neither chromophobic nor chromophiliac, I am chromointeger. Halitophobia or halitophilia are almost nonsense. I am halitointeger. I am also homointeger.

I humbly submit that this minor addition to the language would promote sanity and reason.

2 comments on “Masque of Phobos

  1. dgranot says:

    I think you’re a language snob. :-)

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