Of Course It Is For The Children


Kagehiru writes:

What’s the best way to trial a service designed to monitor what people are saying and
thinking outside of a particular environment? Why, disguise it as a means to protect
children, of course!


Of course it’s for ‘the Children.’ A basic rule of tyranny is never do anything in your own interest: The greed and hunger for power become too apparent.

Kings used to call on divine right: ‘God mean’s for me to rule in is name or I wouldn’t have been born King. Do what God says. Follow me.’

Karl Marx demanded atheism so Socialists said, ‘Historical Determinism makes inevitable what I want. Whatever that is. Don’t struggle’

Since we no longer have real kings and Marxists are licking their wounds, those who want to nail the jello of society to the wall and make us all quiet and predictable need a new god. We love our children. ‘That’ll do.’ So they say, ‘If you love your Children you must do what’s right. Of course, We are the one’s who understand what is right.’

Perhaps this is why the atheistic portion of the Left keeps trying to tell us what Christianity says. ‘Christ wouldn’t own a – insert hated device here – so you should not either. [Psst don’t even look at Luke 22:36. Psalm 144 doesn’t exist.] Sit quietly and accept whatever we say. Remember “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” Jesus wouldn’t throw the bankers out of the Temple of society, would he?’

They suborn a God that competes with their ideology. Did you ever notice that those who push sin taxes – fat, cigarette, 20 oz drinks, sugar, carbon – never seem to believe in Biblical sins? I am fairly sure cigarettes and slurpees were never named as sins in the Bible. And Deuteronomy seemed at one time to have covered everything. I am sure lying to congress and bearing false witness were not sins because their intentions were sooo awesome.


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