I am peeved at modern superstition.

I hate CE/BCE dating. It is exactly the same as AD/BC except for greater pretense. Partly I dislike the misuse of words to define an in-group and an out-group. Mostly I dislike the superstition which seems to say, ’I am dating from an event, but I will not admit what date it is.’ I don’t care if you date from The founding of the City. From the creation of the Earth. Years since the Yellow Emperor. Since fleeing from the city of the holy meteorite. Or the first self-sustaining atomic pile. I don’t mind Lincoln counting from the signing of a piece of parchment. I greatly mind the cowardly inability to admit what you are counting from.

We also have things that an educated person is required to believe and things we are required to mock. They are sometimes the same thing. Feminists tell us that sexual identity is a social construct and that men must be coerced to behave in an enlightened manner. Children are to be raised with gender neutral toys and ideas and thus bring about an enlightened age. OK. But we are also taught that homosexuals are hard-wired to be that way. That social conditioning of their sexual identity is futile and cruel. I don’t have much social stake in either belief, but they clash. Oh, the dissonance. Those who speak of cisgender assumptions can have two contradictory thoughts in one sentence.[Is not ‘cisgender’ just very bad Latin for ‘normal’?]

Intelligent Design is derided as a supernatural belief that an unnamed source has and is guiding the path of the Earth. I can separate faith from rational analysis. But a few years ago Francis Crick – remember he had a little to do with DNA and genetics – got in trouble for stating that isolated population of humans would not have any way to evolve toward a convergent IQ, or strength, or anything else. The screech at his statement was nothing more than a demand for an Intelligent Design belief towards equality. How else could humanity in widely separate regions miraculously evolve to identical IQ’s, virtues, esthetics, and everything else except melanin concentration?

Anyone have their own favorite modern superstition?


3 comments on “Superstition

  1. Your cognitive dissonance detector is in high gear. Well said! Some of us practice at holding multiple conflicting points of view in our minds, arguing each, deferring judgement until the dissonance becomes unbearable, at which point a winner emerges and the losers fade away. But during the course of that conflict we are painfully aware of the contradiction. Perhaps for some there is no pain, thus there is no motivation to resolve the contradiction, which remains static and unresolved. Could that be the source of PC?

  2. Feral Plum says:

    I don’t think the PC police generally are insensitive to their dissonance. I think they are prepared for it. You and I strive to be objective and faithful to the truth. Perhaps it is engineering training. Lying is dangerous, futile, and sometimes fatal. People who are politically motivated are rooting for their team and find struggle necessary, even bracing. I sometimes see PC as a rachet and pawl: When the great wheel swings to the left, they allow it. When it swings to the right, those who are partisans interpose as much of their consciousness as they wish to resist the motion. If their intention is to bring about a result, the exertion isn’t as painful as if it is not understood.

    They have a great advantage. We are seeking truth. They are moving a ball down the field.

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