Science, Real and Otherwise

I believe in science. It simply works. In the last three and a half centuries math and science have been so successful in changing our world that its language has been adopted widely. To hilarious results.

If a discipline calls itelf a science, it isn’t. Calculus is real. Physics is science. Chemistry is science. Geology is a real science. Earth Sciences is Geology without the math and science. Political science isn’t science; it’s opinion. Christian science isn’t science. Meteorology is science. Climate science is politics. Applied Science is real and valuable, but it’s not science – it’s engineering. Scientology, arggh. The Sweet Science is neither science nor sweet.

Similarly scientists don’t call themselves such. I know hydrogeologists, biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers. Calling yourself a scientist is like calling yourself a genius; you don’t mind being called one, but one is concieted to call one’s self a scientist. If I call myself a physicist, I say I’ve studied Physics. If I say I am a Scientist, I’m saying I know EVERYTHING.


2 comments on “Science, Real and Otherwise

  1. Dan Granot says:

    There isn’t a “like” button, Dave, but that is what this post truly needs. I love it!

  2. Dan Granot says:

    And lo, I login and find a “like” button. Next I’ll find a “simile” button.

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