The Most Unusual Medical Advice I Ever Received

Did I ever tell you about the most unusual medical advice I ever received? After a round of antibiotics I wanted to restore the bacterial suite in my gut. Probiotics contain one to three strains of bacteria. Generally Lactobacillus and Acidophilus. But your body contains hundreds of types. This is important. Most of the digestion in your body is not done by you but by these symbiotes. Humans interpret health as attractiveness, and health is largely determined by the function of your digestive tract. Alas, these bacteria are fragile and must be frequently replaced. But how do you replace them. And how do you decide which bacteria you need? It turns out the answer is shockingly simple. There are really only about three ways to get new bacteria. One is exceedingly distasteful. Probiotics are a tiny sample of types guaranteed to be a suboptimal bacterial suite. The bacteria that are proper to your environment are those that lead to the best health. The most common way of exchanging bacteria from person to person in western civilization [outside of Washington DC ] is kissing. So what was the advice to replace my bacteria after antibiotics? “Kiss the pretty girls.”


One comment on “The Most Unusual Medical Advice I Ever Received

  1. Dan Granot says:

    Ha! Feynman would go on a health kick and Mr. Nero Wolfe would shudder at the very idea.

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