Nice-Sounding Things With Which I Disagree: Unu

All my life I have heard idealistic folk quoting John Kennedy.

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask rather what you can do for your country!

This offends me. Our forefathers were not idolaters making a god to which they could prostrate themselves. They were flinty revolutionaries who wished to craft a tool. They knew there were things which were beyond the ability of individuals to do in their time. They knew a government was needed to provide disinterested law courts. They knew an army had to be run in an effective manner. Our forefathers had considerable experience in armies. And the tool they crafted was a government. In short the only measure of a tool or a government is what it can do for you and yours. If the tool does nothing then it is an expensive door-stop and should be repaired or replaced.

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