Evolutionary Follies


Educated people are required to believe certain things in our current society. They don’t really. One thing they pretend to believe is Darwinian evolution.

A dozen years ago James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, was hounded out of respectable circles for some bald statements which were not PL. This year he was raked over the coals again for what he said all those years ago. James Watson is over ninety. The blacklist was effective enough that he had to sell his Nobel Prize.

Let me paraphrase Watson’s evil comments:

Isolated groups around the planet evolved to fit in local niches.

The evolved to different hair, pigmentation, size, sexual dimorphism….

Of course they evolved to different intelligences as well.

For this Watson was called evil. The funny part is that those who don’t believe as Watson did and claim to believe in evolution actually believe in creationism. In order to believe that separated groups would evolve to identical states, one must believe in a mystical force directing evolution to a consensus norm. One must also believe that the norm to which were are directed is sub optimal.

Were we to, say, evolve to constantly greater intelligence, those who breed at an earlier age would evolve faster. Unless that mysterious force is causing greater leaps per generation in the later breeders. This is an Evolution from the nose down only. I feel as if I am among medieval superstitions I once read about in school.

Schools treat evolution as something of a litmus test for intelligence. The same schools don’t describe how a society which took it seriously would appear.

Real evolution is not about fashion, or fairness, or justice. Evolution is about children and survival.

Were we to live in a society which took evolution seriously, things would look much different. And those who claim we must all accept Darwinian Evolution would be unhappy. Let us consider sex. Society would be about having healthy children and eliminating the unhealthy ones. A line would be drawn between sex, which is needed and desirable, and fetish, which is counter survival.

Homosexuality as practiced by Plato or Oscar Wilde would be unnoticed. Homosexuality in the manner of Stephen Fry would be a reviled fetish which produces nothing and yet demands resources and respect which could help those who are having babies. Modern homosexuality would be a fetish to be derided in precisely the same manner as celibate priests and maiden aunts. Transvestites would be unremarkable. Transsexualism would be a mental disease of the first order. Right up there with self-castration and not wanting children.

Putting off children until one’s thirties would be risky behavior. Abortion would be evil or required depending on the individual case. And the mother’s wishes would be less than the interest of the genome. Note, someone will claim to speak for the genome. In some societies, that would be a real power.

Those with genetic diseases which don’t manifest themselves until after childbearing years would be viewed as threats and subject to social control. So would their children. Their elimination would be demanded. Expect occasional mass hysteria. Medieval rumors of poisoning wells is nothing beside poisoning bloodlines.

The childless would be regarded as dead weight. Something is wrong about them. Medicine would involve finding which conditions were genetic, so they could be shunned. The activist people would be all about removing harmful genes. It would be regrettable but unavoidable that removing genes requires some rather draconian actions to people. Cull is an ugly word to me, but an essential word for such a society.

Speciation would be an ongoing debate. At what point does your clade seek to cut itself off from those who have a different view of human progress. Do not expect rationality about what constitutes progress. Are we breeding for longevity, or intelligence, or physical prowess. Or something which we do not imagine. One can not breed for all traits at the same time.

Of course there would be good things. Gifted children would be encouraged in a way not seen today. Society would encourage and support healthy sex and childbirth. Unexpected pregnancy would not be a life threatening tragedy. Falling in love with a person of a different ethnic group would be seen as a good which reduces inbreeding.

A civilization which took evolution seriously wold look quite alien. And it would not look palatable to those whose interests favor economic Marxism or ethics. Of course Darwinian evolution seems to be true. Although it will change as we learn more of the genetic mechanisms. Cut that Gordian knot.


The New Grey Lady


Shirley, there is great change brewing in our economy. Oddly, the news speaks not of it. The news speaks of tribulations in the markets and courts and congress, but not of the deeper structures upon which we depend.

Palladium has for a couple of weeks surpassed the price of Gold. This does not sound like much. Gold’s price is irrational. It is very high because people conflate gold with wealth and have done so for sixty centuries. I know people to whom Gold Is Money. Our culture demands that gold defines fine jewelry. Anything definitive is a ‘Gold Standard.’ As in the gold standard of, well, anything.

When I graduated high school it was $79/ounce. When I had Terry’s ring made it was under $200. I had to work to find a goldsmith who knew of and would make a palladium white gold ring. Such are the tribulations of a science geek. Palladium was the big sister to silver and the much littler sister to gold. Palladium is really not that good of a precious element. It is not so shiny or inert as platinum. It is somewhat brittle. [Which is why it alloys so well with soft gold.] Palladium is not as good a catalyst as platinum. In the early 2000’s it began to be used for catalytic converters because it worked well enough and was much cheaper.

So, it is less useful than platinum. It is less of a precious metal by properties. It certainly has no glamour. There is no social more requiring its use. In fact, the opposite. Go ahead, tell your love that you are buying her a palladium wedding ring. I dare you.

So why is Palladium 1.7 times the price of platinum. Why is it $80/ounce more than Gold?

I reiterate: Something has changed, and that change is not being spoken of by those who know. There is progress skulking about. Until now I have been just reporting facts which may be easily determined.

Now the doubtful. Palladium has interesting properties with hydrogen gas. If there has been an advance in hydrogen as a fuel, there would be a real use for palladium. If there has been a practical breakthrough in nuclear fusion there would be a valuable use. If its odd properties allow separation of hydrogen isotopes and there have been serious advances, then the price of palladium is a bargain. If the religion of cold fusion has found a new evangelist, a few rich fools could run up the price. I can remember when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market. That was impossible, but they tried and almost changed the economy. The palladium market could be corned by speculators. If so, watch for a crash.

Of course, it just may be an irrational market. But people don’t spend this kind of cash on pet rocks. Some game may be afoot.

Anti Christ

golden rice

I remember driving my friend, Roger, home from college. For over an hour he told me of the most evil thing he knew of that week. Some insidious man – he called him an anti-Christ – had bleached and refined healthy wheat flour. He had removed the wheat germ. And then to disguise his evil machinations, he had enriched it with vitamins. This manipulation of food was a great evil in America.

I didn’t tell Roger that the best I could tell, that man was Dad’s first or second cousin.

To defend a cousin whom I never met, I cannot see the evil in this. If children will not eat coarsely ground whole wheat, if I find Bronze Chief flour impossible to make rise and creates a dense, chewy bread, if pastries of whole wheat are repulsive, does that mean white flour is evil? Is it evil to feed children that which they will eat? Is it more evil to enrich it with vitamins? I know a man whose wife hates iodized salt. He lives in the middle of the continent where seafood and iodine are not prevalent. He sneaks in iodized salt for his kids. Is he evil? Iodine deficiency can cost six percent of one’s adult IQ.

When I was a boy a local museum had some cavalry uniforms from the 1870’s. My class noticed the uniforms were too small for us at age twelve. The people who wore those uniforms were genetically very similar to the boys and girls who were looking at them. There had not been time enough for natural selection. Before refrigeration and decent transportation there were severe dietary deficiencies in the middle of the continent.

I graduated school a touch over average height. I am now more above the current average. I have not grown. I blame it on health food. For decades foods were more and more enriched. People got taller. This fell out of fashion,

Here are the nutrition labels for Froot Loops and Kashi Go Lean. Froot Loops are of no intrinsic merit, but kids will eat them. Kashi is a very fashionable choice among the healthy set, yet one has more vitamins.

Nutritional deficiencies are subtle. Vitamins were discovered when it was found that living just on rabbits one could grow fat and die from something missing. I remember when folic acid was not recommended, and then recommended only pregnant women.

I am larger than my father was. My father than his. He was larger and healthier than the Civil War generation. Something was going right. Nobody speaks of things going wrong, but I suspect it is. It is not limited to enriched food. I know people who seek out unpasteurized milk not for the cream but for conspiratorial reasons. I am willing to believe there may be something lost by pasteurization, but I know there is considerable risk. These are not the only choices. I have friends who fear vaccines more than the diseases which they avert. I don’t wish to decide the future of our health, but I wish such decisions be based on more than fashion trends.

This brings me to Golden Rice. Vitamin A deficiency is a big problem. Half a million children go blind every year from lack of Vitamin A. Half of those die. It is especially a problem in countries where rice is a staple. This is not fated. A rice was made that has vitamin A. The plant always made vitamin A but not in the ‘rice’ part of the plant. For a decade and a half environmental groups fought a battle to stop Golden Rice. It was said to have been finally approved this year. Greenpeace was violently opposed to Golden Rice. It is not for sale anywhere.

Once again I am not sure I oppose the Anti-Christ.

A wise woman once set me up in conversation. The human papiloma virus vaccine was then controversial. She thought I would be opposed. She asked me if I thought it was smart to give girls the HPV vaccine. ‘Of course not,’ I replied. ‘If we only treat our daughters, we miss half the viral reservoir. We must treat the boys as well.’  I am not wise. Cold-blooded, maybe. We know that HPV causes cancer in females. Want to bet that we find another cancer it causes? These arguments must be solved by reason rather than sentiment.


I received this in the mail:


Dear David,

Your points are all correct. But still we are not at the point of being able to proceed. I see that our last interaction was in 2014 (I admire your persistence – as you have noted, an important trait in this project!)

I attach some more updates.

Please continue your support.

Best wishes


To: Adrian <contact@goldenrice.org>
Subject: Re: golden rice availability.


NOW can one get golden rice? The news makes it seem a done deal, but I cannot believe the opposition has collapsed.

I would like to support this project.

The Funniest Nutrition Label:

Prussiate of Soda? Well, prussic acid is an antique way of saying cyanide. Soda – sodium. Sodium Cyanide?

Not quite. Sodium ferro cyanide. It’s not so dangerous. It sounds scary. A 150 pound person could eat 3/4 a pound and be within standard safety limits.

Still, I think health food zealots would freak if they knew. Kosher salt makers must panic.





Faith in the System

About $1.20


I can solve Venezuela’s hyperinflation in a season. Any fool could. It wouldn’t be a great solution, but one must staunch the arterial bleeding first.

Mint silver coins. Pick a purity – 90% 92.5% 100% – and stick to it. Keep minting the coins until their economic value matches the silver price. That is it. It takes nothing more.

No one with the brains God gave a rutabaga trusts the Dictator Maduro with either their lives or their fortune. So don’t trust him. A 15 gram coin is worth $7. Nobody cares who made it. I have here a 1939 silver coin of King Farouk of Egypt. He was a real piece of work, a general disgrace, but the coin is worth its silver content. About seven dollars. It is worth that almost anywhere in the world. There are places where it is worth more for collectors, but there is a floor to its value. Why does Mr. Maduro not do this? He would give up control. People could flee with their wealth. Their money would be hard to track. People he does not like could keep their wealth. Mostly, people could store their wealth. Mr. Maduro tried to establish a currency backed by oil. It is complicated, unproven, and vulnerable to manipulation. Silver coins could be taken over the border and retain their intrinsic value. Inflation in metallic currencies is a long term hazard which moves at glacial speed. Devaluation is much quicker. One can tell when the silver content is reduced. Picture a hick biting a coin.

Cigarettes are poison, Chocolate doesn’t store well in the tropics. Liquids spill and evaporate. Bottles of scotch work well. Gold comes in too large chunks. Silver has two things going for it: The mental malfunction which has convinced many people in all culture that it is money, and that most silver is made by refining copper to a purity for electrical conduction. The quantity of silver in the world is very roughly in accord to the wealth of the society. Not as well as aluminum. But it is hard to convince anybody that aluminum is wealth.

Commodities are not good currencies. I trust them.

Reasserting Equilibrium

A series of horses passing by is a cavalcade. A series of columns is a colonnade. [That’s a double ‘n’ so as not to mean a series of colons.]

A series of cannon shots is, of course a cannonade. Rifle shots, a fusillade. Pistolade. Motorcade.

To me a used car dealership is a lemonade.

This year has been a a diabolade. Just one damn thing after….

The Evil of Vaber

There are many simple, intuitive ideas that are wrong. Heavy things fall faster. Objective realities are really just ‘social constructs’ which may be defied by will. We may impose whatever society we please on our fellows. Love conquers all. I can run through a brick wall. A single city can run an empire. Ignore relativity since it makes no sense.

Much mischief and suffering comes from imposing lies on people.

One of my pet brick walls is the idea attributed to Max Weber:

‘A legitimate government has a monopoly on violence.’

Sounds good, No?

Weber didn’t really quite say that, but such is the lesson the smart set learned. I shall ascribe it to Vaber.

The Vaber Dictum immediately declares all of the countries one would care to live in to be illegitimate. Also most of the frightening cesspools. Anywhere the common people rose up and overthrew an oppressive tyranny is illegitimate. Such tyrants did not amble away when they were opposed. More, those who evict an evil government may be heroes, not evil insurgents.

Let’s look at some regimes which were legitimate by the Vaber Dictum.

Hitler and the National Socialists were elected to positions of great power fairly. Legitimate. When Hindenberg died, Adolph assumed greater powers through legal means. Legitimate. The enabling laws were passed by a duly empowered legislature. Legitimate. All people who were not fully in accord with the German Government were disarmed by strict gun control. Highly legitimate. Jews, homosexuals, and other pesky groups were declared less than citizens. Legitimate. Such groups were disarmed. This was the apotheosis of legitimacy. Foreign bodies which can considered enemies of the state are not to be allowed the means of violence. Vaber demands the government have that monopoly. Such enemies are sequestered in ghettos or camps. Legitimate. Such places were ideal for medical and social experiments which could not be done on citizens or subjects in good standing. Such disarmed and neutered enemies were killed by the legitimate government. Herr Vaber asks. ‘What problem do you have with a legitimate government?’ Even the legitimate government had shame. Death rooms were disguised as showers with stone soap. Those who ran the camps had shame. Vaber has no shame. As a socially despised philosopher said, ‘The will to a system is a great evil.’

Lenin and his accomplices who removed the Czar were not legitimate. Once they became the government, Stalin legitimately took over after Lenin’s passing. Cruelly, bloodily, evilly, but legitimately. The gulags were set up in a legal manner. The show trials were legal. Most confessed. Rummel says 39 million were killed excluding the wars. The people could not fight back successfully. Vaber says they could not fight back legitimately.

Victorian England was the first civilization to eliminate slavery. Under the trappings of Monarchy there was a real democracy. The government was of long standing. The right of the people to bear arms was not questioned. Illegitimate. More, there were laws on the books, unenforced, which required people to maintain private arms. Vaber is aghast. Somehow for seventy years this culture grew in strength, virtue, freedom, and peace. But Vaber says it is illegitimate.

This Thanksgiving I thank God I don’t live in a place that is legitimate under the Vaber Dictum.






Follow the Gleam


Merlin and the Gleam

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


O YOUNG Mariner,
You from the haven
Under the sea-cliff,
You that are watching
The gray Magician
With eyes of wonder,
I am Merlin,
I am dying,
I am Merlin
Who follow The Gleam.


Mighty the Wizard
Who found me at sunrise
Sleeping, and woke me
And learn’d me Magic!
Great the Master,
And sweet the Magic,
When over the valley,
In early summers,
Over the mountain,
On human faces,
And all around me,
Moving to melody,
Floated The Gleam.


Once at the croak of a Raven who crost it,
A barbarous people,
Blind to the magic,
And deaf to the melody,
Snarl’d at and cursed me.
A demon vext me,
The light retreated,
The landskip darken’d,
The melody deaden’d,
The Master whisper’d
“Follow The Gleam.”


Then to the melody,
Over a wilderness
Gliding, and glancing at
Elf of the woodland,
Gnome of the cavern,
Griffin and Giant,
And dancing of Fairies
In desolate hollows,
And wraiths of the mountain,
And rolling of dragons
By warble of water,
Or cataract music
Of falling torrents,
Flitted The Gleam.


Down from the mountain
And over the level,
And streaming and shining on
Silent river,
Silvery willow,
Pasture and plowland,
Horses and oxen,
Innocent maidens,
Garrulous children,
Homestead and harvest,
Reaper and gleaner,
And rough-ruddy faces
Of lowly labour,
Slided The Gleam.–


Then, with a melody
Stronger and statelier,
Led me at length
To the city and palace
Of Arthur the king;
Touch’d at the golden
Cross of the churches,
Flash’d on the Tournament,
Flicker’d and bicker’d
From helmet to helmet,
And last on the forehead
Of Arthur the blameless
Rested The Gleam.


Clouds and darkness
Closed upon Camelot;
Arthur had vanish’d
I knew not whither,
The king who loved me,
And cannot die;
For out of the darkness
Silent and slowly
The Gleam, that had waned to a wintry glimmer
On icy fallow
And faded forest,
Drew to the valley
Named of the shadow,
And slowly brightening
Out of the glimmer,
And slowly moving again to a melody
Yearningly tender,
Fell on the shadow,
No longer a shadow,

But clothed with The Gleam.



And broader and brighter
The Gleam flying onward,
Wed to the melody,
Sang thro’ the world;
And slower and fainter,
Old and weary,
But eager to follow,
I saw, whenever
In passing it glanced upon
Hamlet or city,
That under the Crosses
The dead man’s garden,
The mortal hillock,
Would break into blossom;
And so to the land’s
Last limit I came–
And can no longer,
But die rejoicing,
For thro’ the Magic
Of Him the Mighty,
Who taught me in childhood,
There on the border
Of boundless Ocean,
And all but in Heaven
Hovers The Gleam.


Not of the sunlight,
Not of the moonlight,
Not of the starlight!
O young Mariner,
Down to the haven,
Call your companions,
Launch your vessel,
And crowd your canvas,
And, ere it vanishes
Over the margin,
After it, follow it,
Follow The Gleam.

Arthur and Beowulf, and ,so it seems, Merlin were phenomena of a certain time. Decayed and falling Rome pulled out of Britain. The Angles and Saxons arrived to make a new civilization on the bones of the old before the fires had cooled.

The was a mixing of Pagan and Christian and Heathen. Of Celtic and Roman and Germanic. Of freeholders and serfs. As a child I saw tragedy. No more. Now I see the Dark Age that followed as a needed thing. A Civilizational slash-and-burn. The grandeur which was Rome had failed. It had never broken the foundational cruelty and hubris of its birth. It was still a civilization of greed and the present moment. Christianity and the hope for the future had arrived but not matured. There was a Phoenix spark which could not grow without the ashes of the failed system of the World. Three centuries would pass before the gleam which was Charlemagne. After the thousand years of Classical civilization, it would be another thousand years of work until the Renaissance.

History is a slow farmer. It is a tragedy that it took so long. History’s method has always been to burn the fields before replanting.

We are only five hundred years into the new civilization, and it is showing signs of decay already. Perhaps we should keep an eye on that gleam and nourish it.